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7435Positive Vibes, Gordon Smith’s ninth book, is a beautifully presented book of affirmations, full of inspiring thoughts to help you change and transform your life, drawing on Gordon’s many years of experience as a medium.

“Motion and stillness are both important when used at the appropriate moment.”

Gordon Smith has delved into that deep inner strength many, many times in his own life and has found renewed energy just by being positive in the face of adversity. In Positive Vibes, a beautiful collection of uplifting thoughts to inspire you in your everyday life, Gordon guides you to a place where transformation and healing will flood into your life as you connect to your own inner spirit and return to the joy that is your birthright.

“Tell yourself what you really want out of life and then stop and ask yourself what you really need.”

Positive Vibes: Inspiring Thoughts for Change and Transformation is published by Hay House on 4 February 2013

“What is heaven and what is hell? Neither exists unless you create it. It’s your call.”

To get your copy of Gordon’s inspiring new book please click here!

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